Types And Styles Of Mountain Bikes Every Cyclist Should Know

Mountain Bikes

A growing number of people is recently into biking, especially mountain biking. Young generations are getting more and more interested in this sport perhaps because of the exhilarating experience it gives them and the adventure of a lifetime when riding mountain bikes and going places. While these Mountain Carbon Bike, Faster carbon fiber mountain bike complete are made to last longer on rough trail tracks, not all mountain bikes are built to any type of biking activity.

There’s a whole range of MTB to choose from, depending on the type of biking activity that you’ll be doing. Let’s have a look at the different types of mountain bikes that would perfectly fit you.

Cross Country (XC) Mountain Bikes

These are the most common types, and you usually come across these when you’re looking to buy your own bike as it’s the usual ones you can see at bike shops. They are relatively lightweight, so they allow you to move quickly and ride swiftly on rough terrains. And since a cross country bike is the most common type of MTB, young bikers or novice bikers usually choose this type for their first biking adventure and then gradually switch to other higher types as they progress.

Enduro Mountain Bikes

This type is also called the All-Mountain Bike because of its durability and full suspension specification that enables you to have the maximum experience. If you’re the really adventurous type of biker and prefers doing those crazy and hard exhibitions while on the rugged trails, this one’s your perfect partner. It can sustain rugged mountain trails and tough race courses.

Downhill Mountain Bikes

These bikes are not built for climbing mountain trails, but they are perfect for riding downhill, fast and easy. They have higher suspension compared to cross country bikes, and their metal gears and rear shocks make it easier for you to manage and control your bike until you reach the finish line downhill. So if you have this type of bike and you want to start your race uphill, it’s quite impossible to ride this going uphill because of its build. You just carry it until you reach the top and just breeze your way downhill until you make the drop but still have full control over the ride.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes

If you’re an airborne acrobat and loves showing off your aerial tricks using your bike, then this is the one for you. Dirt jump mountain bikes look like the BMX bikes that you used to have during your high school years except that they’re the bigger version. Due to the usual aerial stunts being done by bikers, this type of bike put most of the suspension in the front to support or absorb the front landing after an incredible stunt. They’re also lightweight.

Freeride Mountain Bikes

Similar to dirt jump mountain bikes, this type also has a simple design and is lightweight. Bikers also use this for their aerial stunts and jumps. The frames are also very light, so bikers can freely maneuver them with no fuss.

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