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4 Best Cycling Video Games

During this season of the pandemic, all of us are doing our best to try out something new. So why not read more Rise of Kingdoms guides on rok.guide and try to create a new hobby that will take your mind off from the stress this season has brought us. Well, here’s an idea: why not try out a new genre of game namely cycling games? These games can be played in all sorts of platforms like your smartphone, PS4, PC, or XBOX.
That said, here are 4 cycling console and PC games that are well-suited, especially for some who are going to try this game genre for the first time.
Pro Cycling Manager 2020
This is a PC game that was only …

Top Health Benefits of Cycling, Baseball, and Tennis

Playing sports is a fantastic way to get a full-body cardiovascular workout. According to BaseballBible.net Baseball, tennis, and cycling athletes get a lot of health benefits that can enhance their fitness level and overall wellbeing.
In this article, we will explore some of the health benefits that can be accrued from playing these three sports.
Health Benefits of Cycling
Although cycling is a low impact activity, there is no doubt that it offers tons of health benefits both physically and mentally. Let’s take a look;
Strengthen Leg Muscles
The fact that cycling improves the lower body …

Bike around the World, Amazing Biker

Everyone dreams of an adventure of a lifetime, and a world tour is incomparable, but isn’t it more exciting and adventurous if you’re on a bike while doing the trip?
Jenny Graham, 37-year-old from Scotland broke the women’s record with world tour fastest bike trip. She biked in 124days and traveled more than 29,000km (18,400mi) around 16 countries. The previous title holder is Paola Gianotti, her trip was 144 days.
In order for the trip to be officially part of Guinness World Record, one must travel in one direction, from north to south or east to west. Homewares Insider verified it should cover the distance …

Hardtail Mountain Bikes

Hardtail Mountain bikes is a kind of bike that is equipped with a solid frame and has front suspension but no rear suspension. The type of suspension the bike has can affect the bikes control, comfort, and traction.
If you are looking for a bike but with a tighter budget, then hardtail mountain bike is what you’re looking for. Hardtail is not only light, but it can also come at a cheaper price. This can actually be a great alternative and option for entry-level bikers.
The purity of mountain bike, hardtail bike is the best entry level bike that’s fitted for newbies. Hardtail bikes are versatile, and they can work different terrains according to how hard …