4 Best Cycling Video Games

During this season of the pandemic, all of us are doing our best to try out something new. So why not read more Rise of Kingdoms guides on rok.guide and try to create a new hobby that will take your mind off from the stress this season has brought us. Well, here’s an idea: why not try out a new genre of game namely cycling games? These games can be played in all sorts of platforms like your smartphone, PS4, PC, or XBOX.

That said, here are 4 cycling console and PC games that are well-suited, especially for some who are going to try this game genre for the first time.

Pro Cycling Manager 2020

This is a PC game that was only released last June 04, 2020 by Cyanide Studio with a single to a multiplayer interface. Pro Cycling Manager 2020 is the latest version of the well-known sports game which gives you the role of a cycling team manager.

It has a decent, 3d graphic design that is not characterized by an extraordinary level of realism. The game’s goal is to lead a professional cycling team as its manager. Notably, the latest game update is dealing with riders who are also well-known cyclists in the real world.

Bike Unchained

This is an app that can be downloaded through Google Playstore and was developed by Red Bull Apps. With 69 tracks including 4 real-world locations, Bike Unchained premieres epic tracks from the world’s freeride mountain bike event. The game lets you earn cool bikes, travel the world, and build a crew that will help you reach the top spot of the podium.

It also features intuitive controls and is built for mobile phones and tablets, though the game requires 1Gb RAM on your phone to ensure smooth HD graphics and gorgeous 3D riding.

Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing

Bike Mayhem features more than a hundred mountain trails for multiple styles of riding, a wide variety of gear items for your rider, and an MTB bike. With epic bike crashes and fun ragdoll physics and active bike suspension, Best Free Games Inc. surely did a wonderful job creating this addictive game.

You can also compete in timed races or freestyle trick events. Want to brag it to your friends? The Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing has that interface that lets you share your races with your friends and even challenge them into beating your time.

Stickman Downhill

This is another app that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore and is a game developed by the makers of various top free stickman games like Stickman Base Jumper and Sticks Stunt Biker. It displays unique and beautiful graphics with more than 90 designed tracks set in different stunning atmospheres.

You can also acquire achievements for special stunts, and like Bike Mayhem Mountain Racing, you can also share and directly compare your scores with your friends using the built-in leaderboard and tournament.

PC gaming has surely strived to change our perspective about online games with new cycling games. From managing teams and riders to a personalization of gears and bikes to online tournaments, it’s no doubt that PC gaming is becoming more and more diverse in the games it offers.

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