Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Cyclists

Drugs for Cyclists

The physical demand for cycling, especially in an International event, is high. One who wishes to join a cycling race has to submit themselves for intensive training, spending almost every day to race the bike and getting muscle cramps and pain.

For a cyclist, pain is just nothing when it comes to fame and medal. Today, cyclists checking online websites for more info on drug testing because they are having problems on how to pass a drug test after an astronomical increase of Performance-Enhancing Drugs or PED use which is observed on amateur riders.

What are They?

Performance-enhancing drugs are a substance that aid in increasing physical strength and improve any form of human activity performance. Although some of them are legal, doping in sport, on the other hand, was banned. PED is mostly used in competitive sports like cycling and bodybuilding.

But what could be the reason why amateur athletes, especially cyclists, used banned performance-enhancing drugs?

It Increases their Physical Strength

For most bikers, joining Tour de France is an extraordinary event. The famous Tour de France is a stage bicycle race in France over the course of 23 days. Since cycling includes a high demand for physical strength, bikers have to endure a 3600 miles race within France and occasionally pass other countries.

The race often has bikers suffering from muscle pains and crashes which burn at least 6,000 calories a day. With a three-week span of biking, the sporting event surely needs an overwhelming physical and nutritional support to each cyclist.

In times of practice, bikers have to consume more nutritional support than the normal count. It is also reported that many bikers experience being sick, suffer muscle fatigue almost every day, and have to keep up their body mass index and performance. Therefore, those cyclists who don’t have enough physical and nutritional support tend to use PED as a fast alternative to increasing their strength in order to complete the race.

Doping as a form of Motivation

The most surprising reason why a lot of cyclists use PED is motivation. It is also interesting that using performance-enhancing drugs is not all about winning and getting the fame and medal. As for some, PED helps in increasing their self-worth and personal achievement. Of course, the endpoint is all about winning and the prize; but sometimes, it boils down to being curious.

Increased Pressure of Winning

Cycling is a competitive sport. As for most cyclists whose lives have been dedicated to biking, winning is an utmost priority. All those cramps, fatigue, and strict diets just to get the medal is not a measurement to stop in getting the fame, medal, and of course, prize.

For those who have been racing over the years, the increase of winning is at its peak. Therefore, it could be the reason why some cyclist resorted to the use of PED to make sure that the race is a sure win.

Overall, performance-enhancing drugs is an additional help to boost strength and self-efficiency, especially in cycling. However, too much use of the drugs imposes risk factors which could lead to imminent danger.

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