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Everyone dreams of an adventure of a lifetime, and a world tour is incomparable, but isn’t it more exciting and adventurous if you’re on a bike while doing the trip?

Jenny Graham, 37-year-old from Scotland broke the women’s record with world tour fastest bike trip. She biked in 124days and traveled more than 29,000km (18,400mi) around 16 countries. The previous title holder is Paola Gianotti, her trip was 144 days.

In order for the trip to be officially part of Guinness World Record, one must travel in one direction, from north to south or east to west. Homewares Insider verified it should cover the distance of at least 29,000 km (18,000mi). It is also important that the total distance traveled will be more than the Equator’s length. The timer is also continuous even when the rider is in transit.

“I just set out to see how far I could go, “Graham told The Guardian. “It’s sometimes been tough, but I thrive on challenges on the road.”

Graham began and ended her route in Berlin. She followed the route established by Mark Beaumont which ended in Paris.

The trip isn’t always as smooth as you wanted it to be, Graham would often ride at night to avoid traffic. Graham even stayed up for over 20 hours just to get right in her miles. Her averaged trip is 156 miles a day. While in Australia, Graham journeyed a 90-mile stretch with the moon alone to guide her.

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Jenny Graham decided to finish her North American leg in Alaska prior to boarding her flight back to the city of Berlin. Graham had to ride for 32 hours straight and endured the dark days and cold temperatures just to reach the target finish line in the exact time she aimed for.

Jenny Graham happily shared her milestones in her Instagram account.

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