9 Essential Tips To Maximize Your Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

One of the recommended ways to lose that unnecessary weight and to mold the body into better shape is through regular cycling on the recumbent exercise bike. This machine provides safety and comfort and prevents excessive stress on the lower body.

The exercise may be effective; however, a lot of users are inefficiently and even incorrectly using the machines. We know that it is not everybody’s business how one’s workout is done on the gym but it would be a waste not to share some tips that help utilize the exercise bike properly.

To maximize the use of the recumbent exercise bike, here are nine tips you can follow:

  1. Adjust the seat.

If you haven’t noticed, most recumbent exercise bikes have adjustable seats. This is to cater to users with different height measurements. The correct adjustment shall be, when you further extend your knee upon pedaling, your leg is on a slight bend position.

  1. Stretch before the workout.

Stretching is very useful but often neglected. You can spare five minutes of your time to do a set of dynamic stretching activities such as lunges, leg swings, toe touches, and trunk rotations. The set prepares your muscles and joints for the upcoming sequence of motions.

  1. Perform warm-ups while cycling.

Warming up prevents a sudden rush of blood flow to the heart and internal organs. Another five minutes can be spared to perform the warm-up exercises while on the exercise bike. Start pedaling slowly and increase gradually the speed until attaining the normal pace on the five-minute mark.

The additional suggestion will be to stretch briefly after the warm-up exercises for releasing more of muscle tension and proceed to the real workout routine.

  1. Keep your form proper.

As you perform the main workout, the posture is important to prevent injuries during execution. The correct posture on the exercise bike is to lean forward. The back has to be aligned tightly against the seat’s back. You can hold onto the handles when the workout intensifies.

  1. Choose the right amount of resistance.

Start with a comfortable resistance first to build up strength. As the pedaling becomes easier, gradually increase the amount of resistance. You can switch it up during periods of the whole workout for variety and at the same time for real cycling simulation.

  1. Try training in intervals.

As you incorporate the variety of resistance, you can also adjust your pedaling. It is not for the sake of changing the pace but it is to cover both endurance, through light pedaling on relaxing moments, and explosive power, through short and intense pedaling bursts.

  1. Choose the appropriate duration.

To attain the effects of cardiovascular exercise, the key is how long it has been done. Cycling is recommended to do at least 30 minutes a day. For purely weight loss purposes, 60 to 90 minutes of pedaling is highly suggested.

  1. Visit the gym.

You can get two benefits from visiting the gym. First is motivation, since you will be encountering people with the same goals as you. Second is practicality, since owning the recumbent exercise bike can be expensive and the gym has at least one available for usage.

  1. Multitask while cycling.

Stationary cycling for long minutes can get a bit redundant and can tempt you to stop the exercise. Incorporate some other tasks to increase your productivity. Perhaps, you can read articles from a magazine or newspaper or browsing the internet through your phone. Without noticing, you achieved your goal without getting bored.


These tips are only to give you an idea of how to make the most out of the said exercise bikes. It is still up to you to get motivated and stay focused in the long run. Nevertheless, constant, correct usage of the equipment guarantees you a path to achieving your goals.

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