Treating Body Pain From Cycling With Kratom

Cycling With Kratom

In this modern period, as humans, health is one of the most important factors that play an important role in our daily lives. To maintain a high quality of health, people must indulge themselves in physical exercise. As explained by article on, One of the most popular exercises as of today is cycling. Cycling became very popular since it is an effective way to exercise as well as a fun way of burning away excess calories. The catch with cycling, however, is that it comes with body pain. There are a lot of ways to relieve body pain, but some people like to use natural ways to relieve pain. One of these natural substances is called Kratom.

What Is Kratom And How Does It Work?

Kratom plant is a tree that is widely distributed across the world. It has a lot of medicinal uses. It has been administered to relieve anxiety, depression, and cough, but the most popular use of Kratom is it relieves body pain. Kratom leaves contain a substance called mitragynine; it has a similar action with opioid drugs such as morphine or codeine, and that is how Kratom relieves body pain.

What Is The Optimum Dosage Of Kratom?

Kratom dosage hasn’t been studied thoroughly as of this writing, but if one must administer Kratom as a pain reliever, a person must take note of his condition, age, weight, and other important factors. To be able to obtain desirable results, people are advised to take Kratom in small amounts and increase the dosage if you cannot feel relief after 40 minutes. Ideally, another gram of Kratom is taken 40 minutes after taking the first dose if body pain does not subside and another gram if body pain still persists after an hour.

What Are The Ways Of Taking Kratom?

The most popular way of taking Kratom is through ingestion. People who choose to take Kratom to ingest whole leaves and observe if their body pain subsides. Kratom powder is now available in some countries. The traditional way of taking Kratom powder is putting the powder into their mouths and drinking plenty amounts of water. Another way of taking Kratom powder is by mixing it with food or drinks. The least effective way of taking Kratom as a pain reliever is by taking Kratom pills. Kratom pills take a longer time to take effect. Hence, it is not advisable to administer Kratom pills since it would require a higher dosage because of its ineffectiveness as a pain reliever.

People must maintain limitations when taking any medicinal product, may it be pharmaceutically produced or naturally produced. Kratom as a pain reliever is a very effective way to relieve body pain to cyclists since cyclists are extremely prone to body pain especially to those non-athletes who just started cycling. With the right dosage and proper administration of this plant, one can achieve instant body relief without the thought of overdose or side effects.

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