How to Track Your Lost Bike Like a Spy

Bike theft is very common in countries like the United States. This is because all bike locks are breakable, and this offense usually goes unpunished. In fact, research has shown that at least 50% of cyclists have their bikes stolen with only 5% of the stolen bikes returned to owners.

For this reason, a great number of cyclists are installing GPS trackers in their bikes to easily recover them after being stolen. Along with tracking devices, like the one on this site, your bike’s location when it gets stolen, the GPS technology can also help you spy on text messages when a thief tries to steal your bicycle. This is possible as it will send you its location when it senses movements and will only stop when disarmed or when it runs out of power.

Besides, you can choose to share the tracking code and the webpage URL with the police so they can determine the real-time position of your bicycle. There are different approaches of installing the tracker on your bicycle without the thief suspecting a thing. Trackers can be incorporated in the seatpost, LED light, or on the headset of the bicycle. The price of the trackers depends of the selected type.

Helping You Recover Your Bike Faster

Most of these trackers are available for Android and iPhone. You just need to download the app and you will be able to secure your electric bike anywhere you are. When you lock your bike, the tracker is activated and it will use its geo-fencing technology to alert you when there is any movement beyond a pre-defined radius. Also, most of these GPS trackers provide a unique code that you can share with the police so they can trace the bike.

Compared to anti-theft protection from lock brands, GPS trackers have a much bigger range and can be incorporated in various parts of the bicycle. The most common trackers include the tail light tracker, topcap tracker and seatpost tracker. Other options include trackers concealed in the steerer tube and those placed under the saddle.

The trackers are well camouflaged such that it would be very difficult for an average thief to suspect a thing. In fact, majority of bike tracking accessories are minute and lightweight, so neither you nor the thief can notice that it’s there. However, the prices of these trackers can vary. The tail light tracker is the common option and is cheaper compared to other trackers.

The sad truth is that bicycles get stolen from time to time. More than just seeking directions when you’re in a new and unfamiliar place, an increasing number of cyclists are now using GPS trackers to recover their lost or stolen bikes. This device can be attached to your bicycle and connected to your smartphone or computer, so you can monitor from anywhere. Therefore, if you are looking to catch a bike thief on the act or trace your bike’s location, consider getting yourself one of the GPS trackers available in the market.

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